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:: Thu,21,Feb,2019 ::
Keahlian BARU -

Urusan Pos Tambah RM10 sem / RM12 S/S

:: Sun,19,Aug,2018 ::

Produk Revell/ RevellGlobal Dan iExp4u telah digabungkan dalam RevellLife

Nombor Keahlian Exp4u adalah dikekalkan tetapi Keahlian Revell/ RevellGlobal telah ditamatkan.

Andai Anda Adalah Pengguna Produk Revellglobal dan ingin membeli Produk Revell tetapi Belum Menjadi Ahli RevellLife, RevellLife menyarankan anda untuk menyertai Keahlian RevellLife dengan memilih salah satu Pakej RevellLife terlebih dahulu.

Anda boleh menyertai Keahlian RevellLife bersama Admin atau sahabat cmdpower2u.

Maklumat Lanjut Sila Hubungi Admin

:: Fri,17,Aug,2018 ::

Selamat Datang Diucapkan Kepada Pelayar Website Kami

Sekiranya Anda Ingin Mencari Atau Sedang Mencari Produk CMD 100% Ori.. Dapatkannya Dari Kami

Sila Hubungi Admin

:: Fri,17,Aug,2018 ::

Untuk Dapatkan Lebih Maklumat Sila Daftar Percuma Terlebih Dahulu.

Anda Pasti Terpesona Dengan Info-Info CMD Yang Terkini.







EH Teoh & Jannie Teh

Ditubuhkan pada April 1988, Revell Malaysia kini telah . Headquartered in its own building in Kuala Lumpur, it has branches in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Reaching out globally, Revell has expanded to Singapore (Revell Singapore Pte Ltd) and Indonesia (PT Revell Indonesia).


Revell Malaysia is a corporate member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) since 1997 and a founder member (1997) of the Business Ethics Institute of Malaysia (BEIM). It has also achieved ISO Quality Management certification every year since 2000. Revell Indonesia is a member of Assosiasi Penjualan Langsung Indonesia since 2001.


To support you is what we do. Our various departments work to ensure success. For your success is our success.



Vision & Mission

You are about to change your life for the better. Even more, you are about to empower many others to live a better life as well. You are embarking on a business of challenge, adventure and growth. There is no final destination, but rather, a continuous journey of personal growth. You have a one-way ticket out of the rat race and towards the lifestyle of your dreams!


How? Revell’s unique global marketing plan lets you jump start your business by sharing the opportunity with just four of your friends. Keep on helping them and guiding them to build their groups and you can go all the way from your initial position as a New Entrepenuer to the highest position in Revell, SGD Super Crown as you help build their groups.


And to help you build yourself and your people, Revell provides you and your distributors with the 3 Revell Training Schools to cater to your training needs … a total package that’s comprehensive and systematic … uniquely Revell, all original!


Further, Revell provides you with 3 categories of quality multi-product ranges. Choice products … consumable products priced comparably with products sold retail that will make you pleasantly surprised at their quality and effectiveness. Change to Revell, feel the difference and build your business! Premium products … products that are at a premium in quality and performance. Use them yourself and share them with your friends. Elite products – extraordinarily unique products for you to use, share with your friends and push hard to others to propel your business.


Building people. Enhancing lives – Yes, we are going to build you up and provide you with the opportunity to enhance your life and the lives of others. Once again, welcome.

Best regards,

PERHATIAN : Ini adalah laman web peribadi untuk tujuan promosi bagi pemilik web dan kumpulan tajaannya. Web ini bukan web rasmi bagi syarikat yang menjalankan perniagaan ini. Segala potensi pendapatan yang dinyatakan adalah simulasi dan bergantung kepada usaha individu yang terlibat untuk mencapai sasaran pendapatan yang dicadangkan.
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